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CCRE’s Fall Seminar & Convention Teaches Body Shop Owners Another Way of Conducting Business

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Steve Behrndt presented on job costing during CCRE’s Fall Seminar in Atlanta. Steve Behrndt presented on job costing during CCRE’s Fall Seminar in Atlanta.



According to Knight, “Our ‘partnership’ with State Farm started to look more like a dictatorship, and we started to hate the business we once loved.”


Despite the belief that it was the way the industry had always been, Knight and Bryant believed there had to be a better way. So, they started talking to other shops and got involved with CCRE to create a system that worked for them.


Bryant shared, “So, what’s the problem with our industry? We all have different ideas and practices, but instead of working together, we fight amongst ourselves. We are all too busy to take the time to step out of our business so we can work ON our business. We are all at different stages in running our business, but I urge you to take your first step in becoming truly independent.”


Knight and Bryant then went on to explain how they run their business. Vehicle owners contract with the shop, and insurance adjusters are not permitted to enter the shop or work areas; only after a vehicle has been disassembled and moved out of the shop can an adjuster sign in to see the vehicle on their lot. They refuse to accept insurer estimates and will not negotiate with the adjusters. Rather than write estimates in rates and hours, they bill in dollars, and they will not supplement insurer estimates; however, at the vehicle owner’s request, they will provide a Notice of Deficiencies.


Knight stressed, “The key to it all is the customer! You have to become customer-focused and remove the third party influence.”


The presentation continued to cover customer expectations, the customer service process, obtaining the commitment, rejecting excuses and keeping the customer involved throughout the repair process.


At the end of it all, Knight and Bryant emphasized that shops can get paid, saying, “Simplify. Educate yourself. Educate the consumer. Be persistent. Be patient. Get support. Have fun.”


The seminar concluded on Saturday afternoon with breakout sessions and open discussions on a variety of topics pertaining to the industry, and attendees shared their challenges and the solutions they had found.


Lombardozzi stated, “Judging by the feedback from those who attended, this was a very successful event for all.”


For more information on CCRE, visit theccre.com.

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