Monday, 10 September 2018 22:40

Auto Care Association Announces 2018 Impact Award Recipients



John C. Washbish, director, marketing, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc., has played a very active role in the auto care industry over the years. Washbish contributes to facilitating the industry’s growth by bringing in new people and keeping them engaged by introducing them to the large network available to them through the Auto Care Association. Washbish is currently the chair of the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG), a community of the Auto Care Association, for networking and professional development opportunities for young professionals in the auto care industry under the age of 40. Washbish serves as an active member of the Auto Care Association’s Education Committee, which works to enhance the business potential and competitive advantage of auto care industry professionals. Washbish is also a passionate supporter of the Auto Care Political Action Committee (ACPAC).


The four winners were formally announced by the Auto Care Association Marketing and Communications Committee during their recent meeting at the Auto Care Association’s Fall Leadership Days in Austin, TX. The recipients will be recognized during AAPEX 2018 in Las Vegas and will also be featured in AAPEX Express and Auto Care Insider magazine.


For more information about the Impact Award: Four for the Future, please visit autocare.org/impact.

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