Thursday, 30 August 2018 19:00

SCRS Announces Audi of America as Newest Corporate Member


Audi of America (Audi) represents the newest automobile manufacturer to support the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) through Corporate Membership.


The addition of Audi of America to the roster of automotive manufacturers that choose to participate as a member of SCRS represents further growth in the relationship and ongoing commitment to be connected with the top-level collision repair facilities that compose the SCRS base.

“It’s important to us at Audi to be able to reach a wide audience with a shared point of view with the many different factions,” shared Mark Allen, manager of collision & equipment for Audi of America. “We see key challenges in the readiness of the collision repair and insurance industries to accurately assess collision damage and the ability to affect appropriate repairs, given the materials in the vehicle structures. The understanding of cause and effect between proper repair to the structure and the driver’s assist/safety/collision avoidance systems needs to be strengthened, and we believe that support of organizations that have been on the forefront of exposing the industry to increased levels of information exchange for the industry is important.

“We create position statements and documented procedures for repair of our vehicles. It is important to us to be proactive with organizations like SCRS for outreach, as well as through participation in the OE Collision Repair Roundtable. We need to make sure these entities are prepared when faced with questions, and that those they interact with have access to hands-on training where they learn the importance of using the proper tools and equipment, as well as our OE repair procedures on the relevant brand cars.”

“SCRS has a long history of working closely with Audi and other OEMs to help our audience gain access to the information they need,” added SCRS Chairman Kye Yeung. “From live events at our OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit to behind-the-scenes perspective as a fours group, the lines of communication have always been open, and the support of high-level members only reinforces that mutual commitment. The real objective of it all is that the consumer can have confidence that the manufacturer and repairer facilities are on the same page as is relates to safe, quality repairs.”