Friday, 27 July 2018 16:12

ASA Partners With Podium to Enable Shops to Text Customers Directly


The Automotive Service Association (ASA) recently announced that it has joined forces with Podium as its latest Sponsored Benefit Provider.

ASA Sponsored Benefit Provider companies provide specially priced member services and products to ASA members to help offset their everyday business costs.


Currently serving 150,000+ users across nearly 20,000 businesses, Podium uses cloud-based software to help businesses gain insight into their customers’ experiences. It helps businesses more easily interact with customers through texting capabilities.


“ASA is one of the most trusted leaders in the auto service industry,” said Brad Jenson, vice president of Business Development at Podium. “This was a key factor in Podium choosing [ASA] as an operational partner. By combining Podium’s powerful messaging platform and online review products with ASA’s experience and leadership, the ASA membership will have a massive competitive advantage in winning new customers and keeping existing customers loyal.”


Thanks to the ASA-Podium agreement, ASA members:


• Won’t be charged Podium’s setup fee of $299.
• Will receive 10 percent off the standard monthly subscription fee for any Podium services purchased.


For more information about this new member benefit, visit Podium’s profile at ASA.savings4members.com, an online benefits portfolio, or visit Go.Podium.com/ASA. To take advantage of this special offer, shops must be members of ASA.


ASA Vice President Tony Molla said ASA is proud to welcome Podium as its latest Sponsored Benefit Provider.


“We are extremely excited about working with Podium and being able to provide such an outstanding benefit for our members,” Molla said. “This new ASA benefit speaks to the changing customer dynamic and provides the opportunity for our members to better interact with their customers and communicate with them in new ways to build on their success.”


Podium will be providing a webinar as part of ASA’s Wednesday Webinar series Nov. 28 on “Why Your Shop Should Be Texting.”