Friday, 13 July 2018 18:45

AWAF Hosts Seminar on Emotional Intelligence

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“No matter what level you’re at in an organization, you need to realize the impact that you have on other people,” she said. “People should feel better after interacting with you, not worse; this stuck with me. I wanted to understand more about EI and what I need to work on. Through an EI assessment tool calculating my EQ, I learned that I’m not as emotionally intelligent as I thought! Corinne’s workshop fulfilled everything I was looking for and more.”

The components of EI include self-awareness, emotional management, social awareness and social skills. Smereka had attendees practice skills in these areas during her highly interactive workshop. 

“Corinne’s workshops aren’t just theory---we don’t just learn the theoretical aspects, but we also get a chance to practice it with real-world applications. It’s relevant beyond the workplace too, and can be applied to our personal lives. EI is so important to great leadership, and we can create even better leaders if we continue to [help women develop] in this regard,” Irwin shared. 

Smereka added, “It’s become increasingly important over the years for winning candidates of key positions to have a high EQ in addition to other technical skills. A true leader must inspire and motivate, which requires being in touch with people. This ability to relate well to others is increasingly viewed as a key skill for successful leaders."

Evaluations from the workshop were positive with attendees reporting they learned a great deal. Smereka has also received additional requests and plans to repeat the workshop in the future. 

She noted, “Because AWAF’s mission and vision is to advance and empower women in the automotive industry, it’s imperative that we offer opportunities for members to enhance and learn new skills while increasing their EI. AWAF offers chances to build relationships at every event we offer from our quarterly meetings to fireside chats with key industry experts, further enhancing the value of membership.” 

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