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WAC Moves Forward With New Officers, Future Plans

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WAC met on May 15 at Gateway Motorsports to discuss current initiatives. Everyone is excited about the direction the association is taking. WAC met on May 15 at Gateway Motorsports to discuss current initiatives. Everyone is excited about the direction the association is taking.

The members of Women in Automotive and Collision (WAC) met on May 15 at Gateway Motorsports in Madison, IL, to continue the group’s efforts to move the association forward and discuss recent successes. 

According to WAC President Shelly Jones, “We started the meeting by going over the mission and the introductions with each participant by saying their name, business and time in the industry. There were a lot of great stories shared of growing up in the industry and why this group is important for the industry. Several members have offered to donate dinner when we do not have a corporate dinner sponsor. Dinner for this meeting was donated by Secretary Peggy Vorwald, who shared her industry story with the group. We call this a member spotlight.”

WAC discussed plans to create the group’s official website and revealed its new table cloth for industry events. They also talked about recently attended events and which events they plan to attend in the future. Recently, WAC’s Sheena Wagner and Jess Crump set up a table at the Rockwood Summit High School Biodiesel Car Show where they talked to attendees about the career opportunities available in the automotive industry. 

Thanks to Wagner’s efforts as sponsorship coordinator, WAC has been joined by several corporate sponsors, including Cooper Color Inc., American Family Insurance, Sikkens, LKQ Corporation and PPG. The group is grateful to these companies for supporting its mission.

In addition to maintaining WAC’s Facebook page, Social Media Manager Tricia Belz is developing a LinkedIn page for the group. During the meeting, WAC also announced that Sarah Young from Original One Parts will fill the role of marketing coordinator for the association. 

Jones stated, “Sarah has already used her amazing graphic design talents to create forms and handouts for the group to use.”

Young shared her take on the meeting as well. 

“It wasn’t a drag… pun intended!” she said. “As the group gathered at Gateway Motorsports Park, and after some open dialogue introductions, there would be small pauses to watch the drag cars do test runs. Everyone is excited to know that we are trying to do something, specifically something that will help drive successful women in the industry and create awareness of opportunities with careers in the industry. It’s crucial for both the sponsors and the association to stay active and aware of each other’s existence. To be able to have support from both aspects helps continue the efforts of bringing more innovation and partnerships within the industry for a better outreach.”

WAC will hold its next meeting on June 19 at The Post in Creve Coeur, MO. For more information, visit WAC's Facebook group.