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WIN Races to Connect at 2018 Educational Conference

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Outgoing Chair Petra Schroeder passed the torch to Incoming Chair Michelle Sullivan. Outgoing Chair Petra Schroeder passed the torch to Incoming Chair Michelle Sullivan.


Denise Caspersen of asTech covered “Calibrating, Pre- and Post-Scan.” She discussed the three types of emerging technology (safety, fuel economy and comfort/convenience) and then provided several examples of each. She explained that vehicle owners have more resources than ever before and shared some information on telematics, including how to get started, identifying the car’s features, promoting consumer awareness and diagnosing DTCs. She also touched on the difference between aftermarket and OE scan tools, explaining that OE tools are updated daily while aftermarket tools require a manual update. Caspersen also spoke about repair planning before sharing information about asTech’s new Calibration Center in Plano, TX.

The final breakout session was “Toxic Co-Workers, Bullies and You: Dealing with Them Without Becoming One of Them,” presented by Jim Webber, trainer, consultant and investigator at evilskippyatwork.com. Comparing the differences between annoying and toxic co-workers, Webber explored the impacts of toxicity and bullying, explained the three clusters of personality types along with their symptoms and identified some toxic behaviors. He ended his presentation by providing tips on responding to toxic behaviors: Communicate your concerns to a supervisor, don’t get emotional, don’t blame yourself, assess your situation, don’t expect to change the toxic person or bully, do your best work, build a support network, be prepared for conflict, don’t fuel the fire, document it all, communicate, get counseling, stay healthy, educate yourself and agree to disagree.

Tuesday concluded with the MIW and Scholarship Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner Reception. 

Wednesday morning commenced with committee updates, and Schroeder recognized the WIN partners, WIN supporters, and friends of WIN. Schroeder also presented the 2018 Cornerstone Award, presented to a board member each year in recognition of her input to the organization and her actions that demonstrate commitment to WIN’s mission and vision. This year’s recipient was Beverly Rook-Twibell. Finally, Schroeder passed the reins to Michelle Sullivan, incoming chair.

The morning’s first presenter was Bogi Lateiner with “Bogi’s Garage – Connecting the Next Generation.” Lateiner shared the story of how she became involved in the automotive industry when she was 16 years old because she wanted to work on her own car; however, she mainly pushed the issue because she was told that it wasn’t something girls did.