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WIN Races to Connect at 2018 Educational Conference

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Outgoing Chair Petra Schroeder passed the torch to Incoming Chair Michelle Sullivan. Outgoing Chair Petra Schroeder passed the torch to Incoming Chair Michelle Sullivan.


Explaining why women leaders are needed now, Frankel claimed that we’ve reached a turning point for the demise of command and control leadership. She said women are the natural solution because they have a demonstrated track record and high emotional intelligence, the glass ceiling raised the bar and they are better equipped to meet millennial workers’ need to feel special. 

Exploring the differences between management (stereotypically male) and leadership (stereotypically female), she insisted, “One isn’t better than the other. We need both, and to decide which you need more of, consider how complex the organization is and how much change is going on.”

Frankel listed the leadership mistakes made by women: act like “nice girls,” make miracles, ignore the look and sound of leadership, underestimate the value of EQ, avoid politics, fail to negotiate, strive for perfection and ask instead of tell. 

She also identified the top 10 tips to leading with confidence: sit at the table, decode your executive presence, communicate in headlines, play your game at the edge, vary your influence style, become a trusted advisor, use your emotional intelligence, capitalize on internal and external “quid pro quo” networking and collaboration, consciously build your brand and live and work mindfully. 

She reminded attendees, “People don’t know you by your intentions; they know you by your behavior.”

After a networking break, “Racing for Success” was presented by Brittany and Courtney Force of the John Force Racing Group, both of whom are NHRA champions who were introduced to the sport by their father, 16-time champion John Force. Noting that she is the only female competing in the funny car category, Courtney emphasized that it’s important for women to support one another. 

“It’s a gratifying feeling for girls to see that anything is possible,” she said. “This sport is physical and mental, but the hardships make you realize how strong you really are.”