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YANG Fort Worth Meet-Up Offers Relaxed Networking

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YANG members met in Fort Worth on April 16. YANG members met in Fort Worth on April 16.

The Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) gathered on April 16 at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in Fort Worth, TX, for a Regional Meet-Up and ACPN Knowledge Exchange, hosted by JNPSoft, Inc. 

“The event went very well with approximately 60 young catalog professionals in attendance. It was a more relaxed atmosphere that allowed peers to talk about what they are seeing in the industry with people they may not normally interact with,” shared Joe Thomas, product content coordinator, Tenneco Aftermarket and incoming YANG Advisory Council. “I saw a lot of business cards exchanged and more new faces than I could count. That is the best that one could expect from a networking event.”

Chris Tzul, business development manager for JNPSoft, Inc., added, “The event was simply amazing. Open air bar in the beautiful sunshine---what else can one expect? This was an informal gathering without an agenda.

“This being our first time as sponsors, we didn’t know what to expect. We knew the day would be filled with educational sessions, so we wanted the event to be a place where people could decompress in a more dynamic environment and get the opportunity to meet others who do the same work as them. Since it was a younger crowd, we believed they would be more receptive to an on-the-go approach, and we were not disappointed. Once the crowd arrived, everything was on cruise control: People were connecting with each other, meeting new people and sharing their professional experiences and knowledge about the industry.”

YANG’s Meet-Up provided an opportunity for attendees to visit old friends and network with new ones. Participants responded favorably to the event, which was held as an opportunity for young professionals in the automotive industry to expand their professional networks. 

“Events like this are important as they provide a venue for young professionals to discuss their vision for the automotive industry without having any of the old guard present.  This will drive innovation within the industry along with knowledge sharing,” Tzul expressed. 

Thomas agreed, stating, “The YANG Regional Meet-Ups, like other events sponsored by the Auto Care Association, help more people connect, which strengthens our force in shaping the industry for the better. It always makes me happy to see the camaraderie at these events, particularly amongst competitors.”

YANG will hold its next Regional Meet-Ups in Atlanta, GA, on May 10 and Farmington Hills, MI, on May 15. 

For more information on the organization or to view its event schedule, visit https://www.autocare.org/What-We-Do/Professional-Development/young-auto-care-network-group/.