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WAC Signs Association Paperwork, Elects Officers at Recent Meeting

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WAC members gathered on March 13 to sign official association documents, elect members and much more. WAC members gathered on March 13 to sign official association documents, elect members and much more.


During the March 13 meeting of Women in Automotive and Collision (WAC), the association signed the documents required to make the group official and elected officers.

According to WAC President Shelly Jones, “The main purpose of this meeting was to elect officers, finalize the organization’s structure, discuss marketing/branding and vote on membership dues. I’m very excited to see how much trouble we can stir up on behalf of the automotive industry. And by trouble, I mean career awareness!”


In addition to electing Jones as WAC’s President, members chose Jess Crump as Vice President, Peggy Vorwald as Secretary and Julie Hemann as Treasurer. Tricia Belz will fill the role of Social Media Manager, while Suzie Collum will be WAC’s Marketing Coordinator.


WAC’s meeting began by thanking everyone who has supported them, talking about their rules of engagement and recapping their previous meetings. The group revised its mission statement to be simpler and less limiting: "Passionate women in the automotive industry collaborating and leading members to create industry career awareness.”


Jones said, “Everyone participated by sharing ideas, asking questions and electing officers. I was so impressed with the group. I absolutely love that we have dialogue and share ideas like we have known each other for years. Some of us met just that night, and others have met throughout the group’s creation. We got a lot accomplished.”


After creating bylaws and setting up a bank account, WAC agreed on a membership fee and discussed branding and marketing initiatives.


Jones explained, “During the meeting, we discussed having membership dues of $100/year. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was unanimous that we should have dues. Most wrote a check or paid cash on the spot. This money will give WAC the opportunity to promote industry career awareness at April events. We will get our swag, collateral, and table cloth made. Members will buy WAC shirts to promote the group. Without membership dues, we would have to wait for the execution of our fundraiser over the summer.”


Two new faces joined WAC at its March 13 meeting and joined the group.


Jones noted, “This group is growing. We will keep reminding people that it is never too late to join. Too many people fall into this industry vs. seeking it out as a student---including myself, my sister and a lot of women in our group! You should become one of the rock stars that are going to have fun changing that.”


WAC’s next meeting will be held on April 17 at 5:30 p.m. at Gateway Motorsports. Dinner will be sponsored by ABRA.

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