Wednesday, 31 January 2018 14:24

Anti-Safety Inspection Legislation Introduced in WV, NH

West Virginia Sen. Robert Karnes, R-11, recently introduced Senate Bill (SB) 90. If enacted, this legislation would repeal West Virginia’s vehicle safety inspection program, which requires an annual inspection.


In New Hampshire, Rep. Glen Dickey, R-Hillsborough-05, introduced House Bill (HB) 1328, which would change the annual inspection requirement to a biennial (every two years) requirement.


Those bills are the latest in a recent series of legislation designed to dismantle or weaken a state’s safety inspection program. ASA opposes both SB 90 and HB 1328. All interested parties in West Virginia and New Hampshire are encouraged to visit TakingTheHill.com and click “Alerts” to contact their state representatives in opposition to these bills.