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ASA Partners With Bosch to Present Scanning for the Future Webinar

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Watson stressed, “The bottom line is, you can’t tell by looking. You need to PRE-SCAN!”


While there is not yet a standard in the industry for shops receiving payment for scans, 70 percent get paid for pre- and post-repair scans. Some things to note are that having a printed or digital report for each scan is key to getting paid, but rates can vary by area, scan method and insurer---while some insurers pay for scans without issue, some require negotiations.


In order to comply with OEM requirements for scanning, some investment in equipment and training is needed. Shops will require a quality scan tool, a battery maintainer or high-end battery jump box, and copies of OEM position statements on scans. Shops must provide training for employees to properly perform these procedures and include standard operating procedures as part of the training.


Outsourcing scan work is expensive and time-consuming, and remote scanning is expensive as well, but investing in diagnostic scan tools to use in-house also requires tool, update and training costs. Still, it’s the lower investment offering the highest profitability and ROI, as well as the fastest scans.


The next webinar in ASA and Bosch’s series will be “In-House Money Makers,” held on Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 1 p.m. EST. Registration is available at www.tinyurl.com/asawebinarfeb21.


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