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AASP Holds Webinar on Problem Employees with 180BIZ’s Rick White

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Rick White, lead coach at 180BIZ Rick White, lead coach at 180BIZ


White shared, “When you’re clear about who and what you need to succeed, you’ll see a bad fit earlier. If your team member isn’t a good fit, they’re not happy either. Help in any way you can by putting the word out, finding them a job, or just wishing them well. Unless they misrepresented themselves, it’s not their fault; YOU hired them.”

The fourth C is Care, and White reminded attendees that their staff is made up of human beings with lives outside of work. 

“Get to know them. Be a mentor to them. The way you see and treat them is how they will see and treat you. If you want loyalty, be loyal to them.”

Finally, there’s Compensation. Pay competitively, but don’t use the money as a Band-Aid. 

“Make your goals their goals by tying compensation to performance and results,” White suggested. “Increase compensation as skills improve.

“Today is very different from yesterday. It’s not as easy to replace employees, but you can’t let anyone hold you hostage. If you want to keep them, treat them better than the competition, and always be recruiting so you aren’t reacting to someone leaving. Don’t wait for someone to leave---always have a pipeline that is eager to work for you. Thanks AASP for letting us hold this webinar. We have believed in this association since its creation, and love being a part of it.”

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