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WIN Jumps in the Tank with Traci Brown

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At 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Oct. 25, the Women's Industry Network (WIN) hosted an educational webinar titled "Jump in the Tank," presented by body language and persuasion expert Traci Brown.

Michelle Sullivan, co-chair of WIN's Membership Committee, shared, "WIN's Membership Committee hosted this webinar as part of our 2018 #ALLIN4WIN Membership Drive. We are excited to have Traci present this follow-up to the presentation she gave at this year's WIN conference and to learn persuasive techniques and the success formula."

After being introduced by Sullivan, Brown began by noting, "It can be challenging to create things you want to happen, so we're going to learn how to hear 'yes' more often."

Brown's presentation focused on an anecdote about her opportunity to pitch a business investment to billionaires from ABC's "Shark Tank" during the National Speakers Association Conference several years ago. 

She admitted, "I was so nervous. If I succeeded, I was on the road to riches, but if I failed, I'd be embarrassed in front of my peers. There were no do-overs, so I had to use all I knew about persuasion and influence."

Noting that everyone has sharks in their life, whether the shark is a boss, co-worker, spouse, or so forth, Brown said, "Life would be easier to hear 'yes' from them. How different would life be if you could get those people to say yes? The key is to pay attention differently because people are telling you what they need---The signs are in front of you. Pay attention to the little things to make the big things happen!"

Defining four main personality types, Brown stressed the importance of profiling the shark and personalizing your pitch by always asking, "How will people respond? What will they do next? Use what you see to shift the pitch to answer unspoken questions and fill unspoken needs. Persuasion is about understanding what happens next, and to do that, you need to realize people like people who are similar to them. Take time to reach people where they're at and guess what's going on in their minds in order to connect with them.

"I grew so much from working with my shark. Understanding shark thinking helped me reach levels I never thought possible in business. Anyone can use the same thought process to build their business, too. Successful people pay attention to every little detail. Don't be afraid to jump in your shark tank. There's always more information available, and if you use it right, there's always a way to get to 'yes!'"

WIN hosted Brown's webinar as part of the association's #ALLIN4WIN 2018 Membership Drive. Anyone who joins WIN during the drive, which runs through Dec. 31, will receive membership for the remainder of 2017 along with their 2018 membership for the special rate of $109. Those who sign up during the drive will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win paid registration to the 2018 WIN Educational Conference in Indianapolis, IN, from May 7--9, 2018, valued at $450.

Sullivan noted, "As WIN enters its 12th year, I am thrilled to see the membership growth and program expansion. I want to encourage women and men to increase their professional network and become WIN members. WIN's mission is to engage women in our industry through education, networking and sharing of resources."

For more information about WIN, visit www.womensindustrynetwork.com.


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