Tuesday, 03 October 2017 20:35

WMABA Adds WV to Territory and Launches Facebook Group

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The Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA) took a break from active meetings over the summer, but is excited to announce that it will be expanding its membership territory to include West Virginia, and will also be launching a Facebook group. 

WMABA Executive Director Jordan Hendler promises, "We also have lots in the works!"

The association launched its Facebook group in July to encourage dialogue between association members about what's going on in their businesses and how they can improve the collision repair industry in their area. WMABA's group can be found at facebook.com/groups/WMABACollisionGroup.

On Sept. 21, WMABA announced the addition of WV as part of the association's membership territory. The addition of WV was largely encouraged by a specific Mountaineer: Steve Krieps, Shop Manager for Greg Cline Automotive in Winfield, WV, who is also WMABA's new board member.

Explaining the importance of WV joining the association, Krieps stated, “The collision repair industry is changing at a rapid pace. As vehicle technology advances, the repair process must evolve as well. As repairers, it is absolutely critical that we stay informed on local issues, and act when necessary. We must educate our consumers so they can make informed decisions and stay consistent with our training, to the benefit of consumer safety and quality of repair.

"WMABA has been navigating the socio-economics and technical aspects of the collision repair industry for nearly 50 years. With their presence at trade conferences across the country, they are on the forefront of progress. This partnership with WMABA will be instrumental to the Mountain State, and we are ecstatic and honored to be members of the WMABA family. We are more than prepared for a brighter future.”

Hendler is also very excited about the addition of WV to WMABA’s coverage area.


She noted, “When the legislation to change the aftermarket parts requirements came up, Steve was right on the case! Throughout that process of combatting the change, we got to know each other some, and I think he saw the value in the association and having representation. It kindled something in him, I think, to start the hunt to gather shops around this cause. While adding West Virginia is a really big deal, that could just be the beginning of us doing more things. Or even adding another state that doesn’t have representation, like Delaware. The others are covered, but partnerships could be the way to go and grow along with our other state affiliates of SCRS!”

WMABA is also gearing up for its mid-century anniversary, as 2018 will mark the group's 50th year in operation. 

According to Mark Schaech, President of WMABA, “WMABA has two major milestones cresting into 2018, with the 50th Anniversary and now the West Virginia addition. I am so pleased to see this new growth, probably to go along with additional re-branding opportunities, and the excitement of this is very refreshing. As collision repairers, we can get bogged down in the minutia of shop life. It’s easy to lose sight of all we are really capable of when we lock together. It could be the best thing to happen in my time with WMABA, both on the board and as a longtime member.”

WMABA's Board of Directors is very pleased with the potential opportunities offered by all of these milestones.

 Hendler added, "Coming in the near future, WMABA will also release additional information about the anniversary and initiatives in the works for continuing to be at the forefront of education, mentoring, and membership advocacy."

For more information about WMABA, visit www.wmaba.com or call 804-789-9649.