Thursday, 21 September 2017 16:35

CIF Extends Assistance to Irma Victims and Answers Industry on How to Help

The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) announced Sept. 13 that its current relief efforts to Hurricane Harvey victims would be extended to Hurricane Irma victims as well.  


In addition, a "How to Help" guide has been assembled for those wanting to assist those in need.


CIF is committed to working with all industry segments to deliver aid to those devastated by these storms.  The CIF's mission is to deliver emergency relief directly to collision repair professionals.  CIF is calling on all shops, trade groups, equipment companies, paint companies, insurance companies and all other industry organizations that can assist in this relief effort.        


To tell of the devastation, one shop owner shared that his shop was buried in more than 10 feet of debris and still had 6--7 feet of water inside.  He lost everything, had no flood insurance, and more importantly, 30 of his employees were out of work with no income for themselves or their families.  Another manager at a dealership body shop shared that his painter and his family were air-lifted off the roof of their home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  CIF encourages everyone within the industry to support its efforts. EVERY dollar counts and will help your fellow industry professionals in need!  


"CIF was there after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy---and other natural disasters---to deliver aid to those professionals in our industry impacted," stated Michael Quinn, Chair of CIF Disaster Relief.  "We have a dedicated group of volunteers who are working hard to identify those in need from within our industry and get them the help they need.  If you know of persons in need, please send them our way! And, if you want to help please donate at the CIF website."       


To donate to the Disaster Relief Fund or apply for assistance, please visit http://www.collisionindustryfoundation.org, or contact us directly at email: collisionindustryfoundation@gmail.com. To phone toll free: (855) 424- 3243 or direct: (804) 427-6982.  CIF is utilizing all donations for emergency living and/or tool replacement expenses.


How to Help


Hurricane Harvey/Irma Relief Effort 


We all want to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey & Irma, especially our fellow collision repair brothers and sisters.  This work will be ongoing for at least one year, as there are so many in need.  Here are some ideas to consider: 


1.      Donate now and every month at: http://collisionindustryfoundation.org/disaster-relief-hurricane-harvey/ 


2.      This coming Christmas season, instead of the usual office gift exchange, consider adopting an industry family in need. 


3.      If you participate in any Rotary or other service organizations, please let them know we exist and are seeking donations.  


4.      Do you have an annual trade golf outing or other annual fundraising event you participate in?  Request that this year's proceeds go to the CIF Harvey & Irma Relief effort.                               


5.      Easy, no cost - consider changing/editing your email signature to include this Harvey link: 


• Your name etc.

• Contact info etc

• I'm making a difference with Hurricane Harvey & Irma by assisting my industry's brothers and sisters devastated by this natural disaster.  100% of all funds go to those in need.
• Donate NOW to the Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) - Harvey & Irma Relief Fund!