Tuesday, 15 August 2017 20:04

WIA Summer Conference Receives Positive Responses

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Women in Automotive (WIA) held its 2017 Summer Conference July 9--11 at the Omni Orlando Resort in Championsgate, FL. 

According to WIA Founding Board Member Subi Ghosh, “The event was incredible! We had over 300 attendees from all over the country coming together to learn, share, network and grow.

“We are happy that our attendees seem to have had a great response. People not only enjoyed the access to brilliant minds to network with, but also learned important and valuable nuggets to take back to their companies and implement to bring about change and progress. I personally brought some members of my team that were so inspired and took notes back to act on immediately. The concept that seemed to stick with most of them was to invest time and education into themselves to grow and become stronger leaders in order to develop strong leaders themselves.”

Speakers at WIA’s 2017 Summer Conference included Lisa Copeland, Nicole Ashe of Cox Automotive, Shari Fitzpatrick, and FCA’s Ralph Gilles. The major topics covered were leadership, dealership strategies and tactics, personal development, and selling, marketing and employment trends for women. 

WIA’s mission is to accelerate the role of women in the automotive industry. They strive to educate, empower and connect women and men throughout the industry in an effort to move forward. 

Ghosh elaborated, “Each year’s events are designed to continue that mission, and growing to be able to include more people. We also want to attract and recruit women into the industry.

“Every year, the event seems to get bigger and attract more influential names and roles within the industry than I expect. I personally believe this is a long overdue event and movement. Women have been somewhat ignored as a population within the automotive industry and are hungry for opportunities to connect and learn. The movement of forcing the conversation is the most attractive component of our main annual event and all of the smaller events we have throughout the year. It is so incredibly exciting to be a part of something that is moving the industry forward in such a great way. The buzz within the industry, the impact we’re making with and for our attendees, and the results they are bringing back to us the following years, are all exceeding my expectations!”

One important idea that WIA wants the industry to remember is that the association is not just for women. 

Ghosh explained, “Our content, agenda and overall feel of our events focus on broad concepts that fit anyone or any role within the industry. We believe we have grown year over year because of our focus on inclusivity. All walks of automotive, all vendors, all partners, all media sources, and even all competitors are welcome and included. WIA is for everyone, because only together can we make a real difference.”

For more information on WIA, visit WomenInAutomotive.com.