Wednesday, 09 August 2017 16:41

Mike Jones Teaches WIN Members to “Be Deliberate” During Webinar

On August 2, the Women’s Industry Network (WIN®) hosted a motivational webinar titled “Be Deliberate,” presented by Mike Jones, President of Discover Leadership Training.

Jones began by explaining, “Our focus is on awakening you so you can motivate yourself. I ask that you all listen with the intent to be influenced.”

Jones described what he meant by being deliberate. 

“Deliberate is my favorite word for creating a better version of myself,” he said. “The definition of deliberate is ‘made, given or done with full awareness; intentional’ which means I see what I’m doing and know why I’m doing it.”

Jones discussed how someone can know which actions to deliberately take in every moment.

“Our greatest gift is the gift of choice, and each of us makes choices that create our own reality in every moment,” he said. “Though you may not control every circumstance, you have 100 percent control over how you respond and can know what deliberate actions are perfect. Understanding this will transform you forever.”

He said it’s easy to remain in your comfort zone even if a better way is known, because leaving one’s comfort zone is risky and provides the potential for failure.

 Jones stressed, “Failure is necessary to grow! If you’re risking nothing, you’re risking everything in the context of growing and becoming a better you. A new version of yourself is not found in your comfort zone. Vulnerability exists outside that comfort zone, but that’s where growth comes.”

He said that in order to know when it’s the right time to escape your comfort zone, you must know your outcome. 

“Whether you want to create a more powerful, positive, productive or passionate self, you know the behaviors necessary to do that,” Jones insisted. “You have to deliberately put yourself in situations you don’t see as ‘you.’ The only habit I want you to build is the habit of breaking habits. Get used to being uncomfortable, and get out of your comfort zone.”


He said that instead of focusing on the things you don’t want, it is more positive to run toward what you want to achieve.

 “Words create pictures, which create emotions, and energy and action follow thought. Running toward something positive creates new behavior,” he said.

Jones also dove into the difference between letting life happen to you and life happening because of you. 

“Getting in the game is the only way to make positive change,” he said. “Why not you, and why not now? The choices you make now create the future you’ll experience later. Being deliberate, knowing your outcome, and owning your choices will get you there.”

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