Sunday, 19 April 2015 17:00

Marketing Manager Marian Rodriguez of CARSTAR Mundelein in IL Gives Back Through Volunteering

Marian Rodriguez recalls being contacted by CARSTAR Mundelein owner, Jeanne Silver to join their team. They knew each other from her previous role where she worked with agents to place families who lost their homes to fire or natural disaster. That was almost five years ago and Rodriquez now serves as the marketing manager for CARSTAR Mundelein, which is celebrating its 20th year this summer.

Marian Rodriquez, marketing manager of CARSTAR Mundelein in Illinois.


Rodriquez spends most of her time in the field promoting the value-added offering of CARSTAR Mundelein. She said she enjoys the spectrum of her responsibilities, which include Continuing Education for the insurance agents and participation in community programs to enhance visibility of the company. Her strong bond with the agents goes back to her days of working with them.

Rodriquez has a great appreciation of changing technology. “We are evolving and the advances are exciting,” said Rodriquez. “It will not only affect cars, but also the way businesses communicate. Technology will play a large part of our interaction with customers.”

Rodriquez recognizes the influence that social media platforms have on marketing strategy and is in the process of receiving her certification as a social media expert.

She found a way to combine her passions with community service, volunteering countless hours to charitable organizations. Rodriquez said she feels fortunate to work for CARSTAR Mundelein that allows her the time and flexibility to give back to the community through volunteering and photography.

“Our company truly believes in helping others,” she said. That is evident with their participation in the annual Recycled Rides program, which Rodriquez helps coordinate. “Giving back to the community and the industry are important. This year, we are proudly giving away our fifth car to a deserving family.”

She said that one of her greatest accomplishments was receiving the The President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2013, for her donation of 499 hours in 2012 to the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago.

After joining WIN last year, she has volunteered her design and media skills to the Collatoral Development Committee. “Women are great networkers and education is so crucial to us,” she said. “Not only is the industry evolving, but so is the visibility and acceptance of women. That is exciting and I want to be a part of it!”