Wednesday, 11 March 2015 17:00

Spanesi Announces the Completion of Their Building Expansion in IL

Spanesi Americas announced on March 9 that they have expanded their building footprint and doubled both the warehouse and training space in Nashville, IL.

The expansion project includes the addition to their existing office building, expansion of the warehouse dedicated to storing parts for both spray booths and measuring systems and the dedication of a single area for training on all of the products, new and existing.

An additional dock and loading area has been expanded to address the need for loading multiple simultaneous shipments. This multi-part project comes on the heels of an overwhelming response to their products, processes and training systems.

"When I started this project in 2012 I knew the products Spanesi had to offer were what the US and Canadian Collision Repair markets were looking for and the response that been extraordinary!" said Tim Morgan, Managing Director for Spanesi Americas. "This has allowed us to be able to expand our facility in such a short time to meet the needs of our customers."

With its focus on products that are growing fastest in the market, Spanesi expects to increase overall shipment capacity by nearly 20%, while adding approximately 35 jobs in North America.

The company has also increased inventory to enhance their just in time delivery system.

Spanesi SpA is an international producer of automotive repair equipment and manufacturer of effective body shop solutions. The company's product lines include:  Straightening Benches. Multibenches, Touch Electronic Systems, Vacuum Systems, Welding Machines, Infrared Lamps, Lifts, Painting Tools, Spray Booth Equipment, and Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic Tools.

For more details about Spanesi Americas  products and solutions, contact Timothy Morgan, Managing Director, 123 Ambassador Drive, Naperville, IL, 60540, 1.224.SPANESI (772.6374) tmorgan@spanesi-americas.com, www.SPANESI.com.