Tuesday, 09 December 2014 16:00

Ohio House Takes Up Mechanical Registration

On Dec. 9, the Ohio House of Representatives’ Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Technology reported Senate Bill 232, which recently passed the Senate by an overwhelming majority. If enacted, SB 232 would extend the jurisdiction of the Motor Vehicle Repair Board (MVRB) to include mechanical repairers.

Under current law, only collision repair facilities are required to register with the MVRB. This loophole for mechanical repairs has allowed “backyard” operators to undercut legitimate businesses by avoiding compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) laws and Ohio’s environmental standards. Because many of these “backyard” shops do not pay taxes or workers’ benefits, there is a considerable price difference between these operators and law-abiding shop owners. SB 232 would ensure that all automotive repair professionals are adhering to a uniform set of service and safety standards.   

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) strongly supports this legislation. When the Ohio Senate considered SB 232 in March 2014, ASA sent a letter to Commerce and Labor Committee Chair Kevin Bacon expressing support for the bill. In the letter, ASA President Dan Risley stated, “Senate Bill 232 will ensure shops meet at least the minimum requirements to conduct business within the State of Ohio, provide consumers confidence that they are dealing with legitimate and professional automotive repair businesses, protect consumers, shop employees and the environment by ensuring that these repair businesses and their employees are properly trained.” When hearings on SB 232 began in the Ohio House, ASA sent another letter of support to the committee, urging members to pass this bill before the end of the legislative year.

ASA encourages Ohio’s mechanical repairers to go to ASA’s legislative website, www.TakingTheHill.com, in order to send a letter to their representative in support of SB 232.

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