Wednesday, 03 December 2014 16:00

Auto body shops in Springfield, MO see increase in business following icy roads

Following the sleet and ice on roads, body repair shops in the Ozarks are seeing an increase in business.

"It doesn't matter if you are 4 wheel drive or 2, front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, on ice there is pretty much no stopping that," says body shop manager Jon Bea.

He says driving on ice can be tricky.

"They [drivers] don't normally see the ice, the roads may look clear they may just look a little bit wet, ice can sneak up on you pretty quick and not everybody can stop in time," says Bea.

Bea says a Jeep Cherokee ran off the road and was brought to his shop for repairs and so was a Dodge Dart that he thinks hit a mail box due to the icy conditions.

The body shop manager says with bad weather in the forecast, his shop can anticipate a spike in business.

"Unfortunately everybody has wrecks here and there but we definitely don't want to see anybody get hurt but we do like the business,” adds Bea.
He says his body shop sees an increase in finder benders during snow and ice because drivers underestimate how long it takes to stop when road conditions are slick so safety experts say start breaking well in advance.

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