Tuesday, 07 October 2014 00:00

Michigan is Establishing a Test Town for Driverless Cars

Michigan's Department of Transportation, the University of Michigan, and 13 companies are contributing to the $6.5 million, 30-acre testing ground, according to reports by Devin Connors, escapistmagazine.com.
Michigan, home of three American major auto manufacturers, wants the facility to be within their state lines.
On the north edge of Ann Arbor's University of Michigan flagship campus, a ghost town will be set aside for the driverless. The test town is being built by the Michigan DoT, the aforementioned university's Mobility Transformation Center, and 13 private-sector companies. Some of the names involved include Bosch, Econolite, Ford, General Motors, and Toyota, according to Connors.
The facility will include every day driving occurrences, like traffic lights and stop signs, and some not-so-every day obstacles, like robotic construction crews and pedestrians popping out from behind parked cars.
Car-to-car communication is the main technology being tested, according to Connors. Companies hope that eventually vehicles will be able to stay a safe distance from each other, etc., regardless of different models/dealers.

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