Monday, 06 October 2014 17:00

Repair Shop Owner Participates in Wheels to Prosper, Inspired to Do More

Kubly’s Automotive in Brodhead, WI


On December 5, Kubly’s Automotive in Brodhead, WI, will donate a refurbished Chevrolet Malibu to a lucky family in need through a program called Wheels to Prosper.

The giveaway will take place during the annual Fire N Ice festival, which attracts over half of Brodhead’s 3,500 residents, according to Dusty Kubly, owner of Kubly’s Automotive.

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“Originally, I didn’t intend to give the car away at the festival,” said Kubly, “but it seemed like the perfect opportunity, especially with Christmas around the corner.”

Kubly’s Automotive is the first shop in Wisconsin to participate in Wheels to Prosper, a national nonprofit run by shop owners who contribute donated, restored vehicles to deserving people. Kubly initially heard about the program after meeting the co-founder, Jim Anderson, while taking business management training courses in California.

“I’ve been in business for 21 years; it’s time to pay it forward,” said Kubly. “I want to support those who have supported me by giving back to the community.”

On September 26, Kubly sent out the first flyer letting the community know that the shop will be taking nominations for the car giveaway from now until November 21. NBC15 covered the story on the morning of September 29, and by that afternoon, he received 16 nominations.

“The letters and responses we’ve read have been out of this world,” said Kubly. “It has only been a week and I already know I want to do this every year.”

Seven judges have been appointed to choose the winner, including Kubly’s wife, Roxy, local business owners, and members of the Chamber of Commerce. Kubly said he wants to remain unbiased and not participate in the picking.

Dusty and Roxy Kubly and their two children


“Local business owners and politicians were excited to get involved,” said Kubly. “Everybody wanted to lend a helping hand.”

Kubly bought the Chevrolet Malibu from a private party in a different town. According to Kubly, the car doesn’t run, and the hood, gaskets, fluids and brakes need to be replaced, just to name a few things.

“The car will be 100 percent functional before the giveaway,” he said.

Napa Auto Parts and Murray’s Auto Salvage will be supplying the necessary pieces, Body Crafters Auto Body will be making the paint look new, and Patti Reavis at State Farm Insurance has offered to help set up car insurance for the future owner.

“Brodhead isn’t a small town, it’s a big family,” said Kubly.

Kubly would also like to thank Speich Oil Company and Piggly Wiggly Grocery for contributing to the runner-up prizes. The two runner-ups will each receive a $150 gas card and a $75 grocery certificate.

As of October 4, Kubly had received 22 nominations for the giveaway.

The outpouring of support has inspired the repair shop owner to put together another event to benefit the community. On October 11, he will hold a free car care clinic, where high school students will be taught how to check their fluids and “listen to their car.”

“The main reason for this is to make people aware,” said Kubly. “A car is the second biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, after a house. It’s important to understand how it works.”