Tuesday, 30 September 2014 17:00

Illinois Body Shop Gives Students Real-World Experience

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For the past two years, Mike's Auto Body of Sandwich, IL has given educational tours to students in body shop classes at Indian Valley Vocational Center. On September 12, two sessions of 10-15 students gathered around while technicians worked on and explained the latest project- the transformation of a 1962 Chevy wagon into a show car.

"The students really enjoy experiencing how an actual body shop works, as opposed to learning about it in a classroom," said Stacy Skillin, who has co-owned the over 30 year old shop for seven years.

Stacy's segment of the tour covered office functions, such as insurance company dealings and scheduling, while fellow co-owner Shane Skillin showed students commonly used equipment, including the paint booth and frame machine.
"We encourage students to apply for internships at our shop, so they can get real-life experience while still in college," said Stacy. "One of our current employees was an intern."

Stacy and Shane also gave the students interviewing tips, stressing the importance of first impressions and remaining professional.