Tuesday, 10 June 2014 15:27

Farmers Insurance Drops Climate Change Lawsuits

Farmers Insurance Group has dropped lawsuits against 200 Chicago-area communities, reports the Chicago Tribune. The insurer claimed the communities did not do enough to prevent widespread flooding in the areas in April 2013.

The class-action suits sought to make the local governments reimburse Farmers for claims it paid out to more than 600 property owners in the communities. The insurer argued that public agencies should have taken more preventative measures to avert damage caused by the record-breaking floods, such as emptying reservoirs before the rains hit, says the Tribune.

But now, less than two months after the suit was filed, Farmers has withdrawn it. "We believe our lawsuit brought important issues to the attention of the respective cities and counties, and that our policyholders' interests will be protected by the local governments going forward," says Trent Frager, a spokesperson for Farmers, in a statement.

Frager says the company does not intend to refile the suits, says the Tribune.