Tuesday, 03 June 2014 11:04

Indiana Autobody Association Calls Vendors to Action

The Indiana Autobody Association (IABA) has released the following statement:

Parts vendors are aware of the litigation shops are getting involved with across the nation, but you may not be aware of another litigation that is a national class action against the damages PartsTrader, APU Solutions, any other mandated parts procurement program and State Farm and others requiring their usage has caused vendors on and off the program. Last year, when mandated parts procurement programs came into the industry, we knew there would be those damaged in many ways, but since it had not happened yet, there were only anticipated damages. That is now changed, and many have been damaged. A national class action litigation is in process, and any vendor, regardless if they are currently on one of the mandated parts procurement programs or not, may be part of it. Even suppliers that the intentions of State Farm has not reached you, glass, paint, materials, towing, PDR, etc. should look at this litigation as a prevention tool as well. Contact Marvin Windham of Benchmark Chrysler at 205-368-5206 to learn more.

See the Update on Indiana Shops’ Accusations of Insurers’ Collusion article for more information.