Wednesday, 30 April 2014 15:37

Golf Ball-sized Hailstones Hit Autos in Harrisonville, MO

Large hailstones were reported in many locales on the eastern side of the metro area of Blue Springs, Harrisonville, and Raytown, MO. One weigh station operator said there were so many hailstones on Interstate 49, it looked as if Harrisonville was covered in snow. Home and auto body repair specialists were busy during the afternoon and evening hours assessing damage left by this storm, which packed hailstones as big as golf balls.

Raytown homeowner Sarah Boyd was caught in the storm, while hailstorms 1.5 inches in diameter fell on her cars and home. “It sounded pretty horrifying,” Boyd said. “It was hitting the glass while we were driving. It felt like it could break in at any time.”

“There’s kids getting off the bus and they were all running around,” Boyd said. Boyd said she was struck by one of the hailstones, and it left her with a big bruise on her ribs. One auto body repairman in Raytown said he was working late night after getting a half-dozen damaged cars into his garage, and dozens of calls from people needing help.