Thursday, 27 March 2014 16:54

Illinois Shops See Parts Delays Due to Storm Repairs

Auto shops’ businesses in Illinois are booming because of the large number of cars damaged in storm-related accidents.

Zara’s Auto Body Shop in Springfield, IL, said they have had an average of 100 cars in their lot to fix since the region started getting hit with winter storms in January 2014.

That’s good for business. But the shops are seeing a shortage of new OEM parts from manufacturers.

“If the new parts aren’t available, not only are we in the same position lacking parts, but so is every other body shop in the country trying to find those same parts, so they aren’t even available a lot of times in the salvage yards anymore,” said Kim Woolard, a customer service representative at Zara’s.

Todd Liston says he’s fixing double the usual number of cars this year at Auto Body Specialists in Rockford, IL. The surge in business started in 2013, but has accelerated from the January 2014 storms. State Farm Insurance reported a 20 percent jump in their car insurance claims from December 2012 to December 2013.