Tuesday, 04 March 2014 15:19

Minnesota Shops Reporting Waits Not as Long as Suggested

The slippery driving conditions that have plagued drivers this winter are creating more business than usual for body shops in the Twin Cities, MN. Collisions on icy pavements are pushing cars into each other—and into car repair businesses. Some reports have drivers waiting as long as six to eight weeks to repair damage from recent crashes; however, body shops tell local news that the wait should not be that long. “Right now, I would say we could get it in within the next week, although we are still booking,” said Chris Thorston, owner of Minnetonka Collision. “I see a lot of shops are a week and a half, two weeks out.”

“It is a little heavier than normal, but we are poised to handle the excessive work load,” said Gary House, ABRA Auto Repairs of Plymouth, MN.

Repair shops say most of the damage has been front- and rear-end collisions in February 2014, with the icy spin outs adding some total body repairs.” Most repairs that I am seeing average five days,” said Thorston. “There are still some bigger ones that are obviously taking two to three weeks to do the repair.”