Monday, 03 March 2014 17:27

Collision Center of Dayton Gets Boost from Winter

The Collision Center of Dayton in Centerville, OH, is one of the places that is getting a big boost in business due to the winter storms.

Manager, Brad Hamilton, says that the auto body shop is seeing everything from US$100 worth of damage to US$20,000, and that the cold weather makes cars more fragile and more susceptible to damage.

Hamilton says that, for example, a bumper is more likely to bend and dent in the summer but, in the winter, it can shatter and cost you more.

Hamilton also says that the shop has seen a steady flow of business for the past couple months, and he expects that to continue.

“I believe I only have one or two cars in the shop that are non-snow- and ice-related right now. Everything else is definitely related to the weather we’ve been having recently,” says Hamilton.

He recommends customers do their research and reminds them that it is important to go to an auto body shop with a good reputation.