Monday, 03 March 2014 14:05

Two Killed, Including Owner, in Milford, IN, Shop Fire

A fire at a Milford auto body shop that left two dead on February 14, 2014, was caused by an electrical malfunction, according to the Kosciusko County Fire Investigation Team. The fire happened in the morning at the Medina’s Body Repair Shop at 310 North Higbee Street in Milford, IN. The identity of a woman found dead has been confirmed by the Kosciusko County Coroner’s Office and a man found on the first floor is presumed to be Jose Cruz Medina. Annalu Nunez, age 25, Medina’s fiance, was found by firefighters on the second floor of the building. The coroner said she died of smoke inhalation.

Police said Nunez and Medina both had the body shop’s address listed as their residence. Police had said the two people who died lived in an apartment above the body shop. Medical examiners of the Northeast Indiana Forensic Center determined the man also died of smoke inhalation. But, authorities are waiting for DNA testing to be completed to confirm a positive identification of Medina. The fire was ruled accidental.

The Kosciusko County Fire Investigation Team sent out a release on February 18, 2014, stating that “the fire originated in the ceiling of a work bay and spread throughout the structure. Evidence found at the scene indicates an electrical malfunction in the wiring supplying power to a ceiling light.”

The fire was called in just after 7:00 a.m. State Route 15 was closed near East Syracuse Street while fire crews—three different departments—battled the flames. Because it is a body shop with presumed oil, gas, and a paint storage area were all potential dangers for the firefighters.

The roof was also sagging in and one wall is bowed. For all of these reasons, emergency workers were at first unable to get inside to check for the residents of an apartment above the northwest corner of the shop.

“They were happy together, and they’re together again now,” said Alex Nunez, Analu’s brother. Analu was a secretary for Medina’s Body Shop. “She was always making somebody happy, her smile. That’s just how she was,” said Alex Nunez.