Friday, 05 April 2013 08:32

Team PRP Expands in Ohio with Westwood

Team PRP’s nationwide network of independent automobile recyclers expanded with its newest member, Westwood Auto Parts, located in Toledo, OH.

The addition of Westwood brings the partnership total of Team PRP to 133 members.

Brothers Gary and Zale Reinstein founded and opened Westwood Auto Parts in 1977. With the intention of developing a used auto parts facility that offered readily available parts in stock, operating more like a new parts store, the brothers purchased a 150,000-square-foot abandoned foundry building on 19 acres of property and later expanded to 21 acres.

Though Zale passed away in 2002, Gary remains active in the business during summer months. Edward Reinstein, son of Gary Reinstein, is the current owner of Westwood. As one of the first employees, Edward experienced a full variety of positions including dismantling, delivery, inventory and warehouse work. He is also a past president and current board member of the Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association, as well as a past member of the Government Affairs Committee for the Automotive Recyclers Association.

Jim Stone, Zale Reinstein’s son-in-law, is also an original employee who had worked as a dismantler and warehouse worker, and is Westwood’s leading salesperson today.

Currently, Westwood has 12 employees. Long before “being green” became a fad, Westwood adopted environmentally-friendly practices throughout their operations. Every vehicle ever disassembled was handled inside their building, with all fluids captured and recycled. Westwood dismantles approximately 750 vehicles annually.

“We are very excited to be part of Team PRP,” said Edward Reinstein. “We believe that Team PRP’s philosophy and Westwood’s are identical.”

Kent Rothwell, chairman of the Team PRP national board of directors, said, “We feel confident that Westwood’s business vision and commitment to the very best in customer service, which has been in evidence throughout their many years in business, meshes perfectly with the vision of Team PRP. We certainly look forward to working with them.”