Wednesday, 23 January 2013 12:12

Lessons from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “It’s A Wonderful ASA Michigan”

We all remember this epic holiday story of “It’s A Wonderful Life” available multiple times during the holiday season.

The story, inspired by the book “The Greatest Gift,” is told reflecting the era surrounding World War II. As we all know, the main character, George Bailey, is depressed and suicidal after some key events occurred at his business. Upon meeting his guardian angel, George is shown how things would be “if he had never been born”—reiterating the importance of what we do in life and the many things that are sometimes taken for granted yet so influential.

It is a timeless, inspiring story that almost 66 years later is the number one movie shown around the holidays, reminding us to take the time to reflect on our life, not looking at it from the “me” perspective, but rather from “what I have done for others.”


It’s A Wonderful “ASA Michigan”
Every year, and especially during these challenging economic times, condoning the expenditure of your membership dues can become cumbersome, especially if the checkbook balance is a little bleak…but maybe we also take for granted, like George Bailey did, all of the things that occur that we sometimes forget about when that invoice comes in or when someone attempts to “sell a membership.”
So let’s ask the question: what would it be like without ASA Michigan and ASA National?

Just a few of many highlights
• Repair facilities would not have been represented in the multiple facets that it has been since 1934.
• Repair facilities might not have had the opportunity to network and achieve “best practices” together because meetings might never have been held.
• Repair facilities would have to work directly with the State of Michigan on any violations, issues or other challenges that may occur without the chance of anonymity. (Liaison to the State).
• Collision repair facilities would have to work directly with the insurance carriers and voice their opinions directly rather than as a group and without the chance of anonymity (Liaison to insurance carriers).
• You would not have had access to original manufacturer data, like Alldata and Mitchell for the past decade or more. ASA National was the one who negotiated with the car manufacturers to get that information to be made available long before the “Right-to-Repair” began (which actually could hinder some of this opportunity if passed).
• Mini-Tort in Michigan might still be at $500 for reimbursement to consumer, not the $1000 limit that it was recently raised to because of the efforts of ASA Michigan and their lobbying efforts.
• Over 400 collision repair facilities in the State of Michigan may have had erroneous information or little information about the 6H or NESHAP rule, potentially missing the deadlines required by law.
• Mechanical and collision repair facilities may have remained ignorant to the many laws governing their repair facilities environmentally, including their responsibilities as business owners because the Workbooks for each industry would never have been created.

Now be honest with yourself, who would you call for help if YOU didn’t have a state and national association? Not a member? Begin 2013 with those that are doing something for your business. Call 517-484-2950 or email us at info@asamichigan.com.