Thursday, 20 September 2012 10:06

Widowed Mom Gets Car from Dieterich, IL Body Shop

A widowed, single mother from Wheeler, IL, won a red 1999 Chrysler Town and Country from Probst Auto Body of Dieterich, IL, as part of a national program called Wheels to Prosper.

“Getting that car lifted a huge financial burden,” Debra Whitehurst said. “It truly was the answer to my prayers.”

The Wheels to Prosper initiative, sponsored by local dealerships or repair shops, gives cars to ‘worthy and deserving’ individuals from their communities. The cars are fully serviced before they are given away.

“I felt really blessed to do this,” said Mark Probst of Probst Auto Body, who was taking part in the program for the first time. “It was so amazing to see the joy on her face and to know that we were really giving back to the community.”

Probst Auto Body had purchased the vehicle wrecked and had repaired it to use as a temporary loaner car for customers. Probst said that giving the car away was more meaningful than what they had originally been using it for.

Whitehurst said getting the car changed her life.