Thursday, 20 September 2012 17:05

Illinois Body Shop Has Own Vehicle Charging Station

A Galesburg, IL, body shop owner recently installed an electric vehicle charging station that he says customers and local residents can use. The station is one way to go green, and also get more people into his shop.

Dave’s Auto Body owner Dave Dunn is offering service to anyone who needs to charge their vehicle, but especially to those who might need work done there, too.
“Primarily, I see it as a marketing tool for Galesburg and also for our company, Dave’s Auto Body,” Dunn said.

Another need for the charging station is due to the Nissan Leaf in their rental fleet.

“It’s stunning,” Dunn said. “I had a lot of people who were pretty hesitant or skeptical here at Dave’s. Now, people are kind of fighting for it. ‘Hey, can I drive the electric car to go do this errand?’ It’s really fun to drive, and it’s quite luxurious, surprisingly.”

There are no other electric vehicle charging stations in the immediate area, which had local tourism officials expressing interest in Dave Dunn’s efforts, too.

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