Friday, 24 August 2012 08:39

Indiana Auto Body Association’s Parts Procurement and Insurer Interference Survey Results

In mid-July the IABA conducted a member survey they called a Parts Procurement and Insurer Interference Survey which was responded to by hundreds of shops.

Tony Passwater, Executive Director of IABA, wrote in summary: “There is no doubt the Parts Trader is attempting to transform our part procurement process into an ebay type environment, so the “cut-throating” can continue. This will only take away another piece of revenue/profit our businesses have relied upon for a sustainable future. Even though we have “ignorantly” agreed to so many concessions over the years, thinking we would get more work in our doors, isn’t it time to just say “No” ?

See pdf for survey questions and results HERE.
There are extensive comments on the survey available at the IABA website: www.iaba.info.

To contact IABA:
President Mike Hartman, Hartman Auto Body, (260) 837-2802
1st Vice President     John Idzik
John’s CarStar, (219) 322-1841
2nd Vice President Debbie Moore
Diamond Collision, (317) 272-6820
Secretary/Treasurer Lora Hackleman-Ehrenberg, Hackleman Auto
(317) 272-2225
Executive Director Tony Passwater
AEII, (317) 290-0611