Thursday, 23 August 2012 16:04

OE Reman Offers Remanufactured OEM Parts for the Best Possible Fit

In today’s collision industry, many shops and their customers would prefer not to use aftermarket parts, yet due to cost control by insurance companies, many are unable to spend the money to install original OEM parts on some vehicles. OE Reman Direct, based in Redford, MI, offers an alternative solution.

OE Reman Direct remanufactures OEM parts.  Specifically, they purchase cosmetically blemished, surplus and over-run material from Ford and Nissan. They then refinish stock as required and market through the OEM dealer to provide the highest quality alternative part available. These parts are new, produced by the OEM and have never been previously installed on a vehicle. OE Reman acquires all of their parts directly from the OEM assembly plants, Tier 1 suppliers and the OEM’s respective service or replacement parts organizations. These parts are intended to boost sales currently lost to aftermarket, reconditioned or salvaged parts for which dealers have no other product line with which to compete.

According to OE Reman Program Director Bill Bejin, “The advantages of OE Reman parts are a competitively priced part that has the fit and finish of an OEM original.

Remanufactured parts are advantageous because they have been produced from OEM tooling.  All of the detail items—mounting points, tabs, etc.—are where they should be.

Aftermarket parts have been reverse-engineered and may not have the same quality… [Parts sold through OE Reman] are the highest quality because they were produced from the OEM tools and have not been on a vehicle that has been driven on the road.  All of our parts are new from the OEM.”

Hoping to reduce waste as well as assist their dealer network with the increase in aftermarket competition, Ford Motor Company contracted with OE Reman, selling materials that meet all of Ford’s quality standards other than cosmetics.  OE Reman then refinishes those parts, allowing them to offer the best fitting alternative parts possible.

By delivering quality parts to the distributor customers, OE Reman is able to help body shops save time and money when they purchase OE Reman’s parts which fit and finish correctly the first time they are installed.  These parts provide a dimensionally correct fit because only OE parts with minor cosmetic blemishes are used, allowing customers to feel confident that they are selling the best quality alternative parts to consumers.

OE Reman has one office located in the Detroit, MI, area, and warehouses in Monroe, MI, and Murfreesboro, TN. The company has 70 dealers nationwide, allowing them to service the entire country through their OEM dealer network. Bill Bejin specifies, “We ship to dealerships who then sell to the body shops directly.  This allows the dealers to sell parts that are classified as ‘recycled’ to body shops allowing them to sell a better choice in alternative parts.”

As a matter of fact, since OE Reman begins with OE parts manufactured on production tooling, their dealer customers and their collision shop clientele can be assured that the parts they purchase offer a fit and finish second only to new Genuine OE parts.  All of OE Reman Direct parts come with a limited lifetime warranty.

In addition to the satisfaction of dealers and collision shops, OE Reman has also received a positive response from insurance companies. By uploading the dealers’ local inventory to CCC, Audatex and Mitchell, this allows dealers to be displayed in the estimating systems for parts they can deliver within 48 hours. OE Reman has communicated their products to USAA, Farmers, State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO, Progressive, Travelers, Hanover and many other regional insurance providers.

A tri-folder marketing pamphlet is available on their website in PDF format, or those interested can contact orders@oeremandirect.com to acquire marketing materials.

OE Reman Direct
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