Thursday, 23 August 2012 10:13

Milwaukee Auto Body Shops Latest Victims of Burglaries

One arrest may have solved several burglaries in Milwaukee, WI.

For years, those living on Milwaukee’s north side have filed police reports after thieves have broken into their garages to steal tools and equipment. According to a search warrant, police believe they have linked one man to nearly 30 burglaries dating back to 2005.

Dave’s Auto Body on Martin Luther King Drive in Milwaukee is the most recent in a string of burglaries. Those thefts nearly shut down the local repair shop.

Someone cut a hole into the back garage door and ripped off thousands of dollars in tools and equipment. Ricardo Acevedo works at the shop and said, “We did the estimate and it was $15,000-$18,000 of damage.”

Since 2005, garages of homes and businesses on the north side have been hit for tools, lawnmowers and other equipment.

Milwaukee police searched a house near N. 22nd St. and W. Capitol Ave. where court papers show they found stolen goods from 29 burglaries dating back seven years.