Monday, 27 June 2022 15:20

Incumbent Illinois Republicans face GOP Challengers Over Vote to Double Gas Tax

Written by Greg Bishop, The Center Square
A BP gas station in Cary, IL, on June 4. A BP gas station in Cary, IL, on June 4. The Center Square


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Illinois statehouse Republicans who voted in 2019 to double the state’s gas tax and include annual increases tied to inflation face challengers in June 28's GOP primary election.

The vote to double the gas tax in 2019 was bipartisan.


State Rep. Tim Butler, R-Springfield, supported the measure. Challenging Butler in the GOP primary is Kent Gray, who criticized Butler’s support for the doubling of the gas tax that also included a parking excise tax.


“Rep. Tim Butler, if you drive a car, he’s going to tax you as soon as it moves and he’s going to tax you as soon as you stop,” Gray said.


Butler defended his vote.


“I make no bones about the fact that infrastructure is one of the things in the state of Illinois that gives us a competitive advantage,” Butler said. “And what my opponent would like to do is strip that away, basically stop the hundreds of millions of dollars of projects that are being invested right here in this community.”


Illinois has the second-highest gas tax in the country and the highest in the Midwest.


Starting July 1, the annual increase on the gas tax that was scheduled is being delayed until Jan. 1. Butler and several other Republicans supported that measure in April, which also includes requiring gas stations to post signs about the delayed 2-cent a gallon tax increase.


Don Debolt, who is challenging Springfield state Sen. Steve McClure in the GOP primary June 28. He said...

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