Thursday, 23 June 2022 14:43

Missouri Drivers Can Start Filing for Gas Tax Refunds via App


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In 2021, Missouri increased the state gas tax by 2.5 cents per gallon per year for the next five years, to 15 cents per gallon total.

The state anticipates it will collect over $500 million from this new tax alone.


The good news for drivers, boat owners, farmers or any gas-purchasing consumer is this tax increase for automobiles and all gas taxes for non-highway vehicles are 100% refundable.


NoMOGasTax is an easy-to-use mobile app that will help capture images of gas receipts and assist Missourians in filing the appropriate paperwork to get their rebate and refunds.


The state has set very specific and complex rules along with manual forms that must be filed in order to claim rebates and refunds for gas taxes paid. The NoMOGasTax app makes the whole process easy for people. The app will capture pictures or images of drivers' gas tax receipts as they make gas or diesel purchases throughout the year. The app will then assist users to autofill the MO4923 rebate forms and guide them through the submission process so they can get their cash back.


Department of Revenue Director Wayne Wallingford announced on May 4 his department does not want motorists to send in original gas receipts issued by a service station.


"That's too cumbersome. People will need to keep their paperwork from the gas station but we're going to trust people who report their receipts on the DOR form," he said at the time.


The NoMOGasTax app makes this data collection, retention and refund filing simple and easy.


The state has a very tight window for when people can submit claims for this rebate. The window for filing is...

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