Thursday, 19 May 2022 14:12

Ford F-150 Lightning Dealer Demo Units Begin to Flood Lots Outside Dearborn, MI

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati
Ford F-150 Lightning Dealer Demo Units Begin to Flood Lots Outside Dearborn, MI Nickbommer/F-150 Lightning Forum

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Ford’s introductory all-electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning, recently began production, and finished units are filling parking lots near the automaker’s Dearborn, MI, production plant, preparing to make their way to dealerships as demo vehicles.

Ford has already warned dealers of a hefty fine if the demo units are sold to customers, so these will more than likely not end up in the hands of the public. However, F-150 Lightning units are preparing to make their way to dealerships, as a Ford dealer told Teslarati recently they are expected to receive their demo unit in the coming days.


According to Nickbommer, who shared the photographs on the F-150 Lightning Forum, the window stickers were blue, which is how we know these vehicles will be used as demo units for the dealerships. Customer orders produced typically have a green window sticker, those familiar with Ford’s production processes said.


While Ford dealers have hiked up prices of the initial F-150 Lightning units against Ford’s wishes, we are not aware that any actual customer-built production models of the pickup have made their way to dealerships. Deliveries will likely begin soon based on a video shared by Ford’s CEO Jim Farley and the vehicle receiving the “OK to Buy” certification.


The F-150 Lightning comes in varying trims that start as low as $40,000 for the Pro Series, which will be the first trim level to ship. It also has a wide variety of range ratings and towing capacities that will fit nearly any use of the vehicle, including construction applications or regular and routine driving activities.


The F-150 Lightning Pro SR has 230 miles of range, the lowest of the seven configurations. The F-150 Lightning Lariat ER and Pro ER Fleet Edition both pack 320 miles of range, the highest of any configuration.


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