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2009 CREF Scholarship Winner Pays It Forward


...industry technical relations associate, ultimately advancing to senior associate industry technical relations.


“This position includes answering incoming technical questions via Ask I-CAR emails and phone calls,” she explained. “These questions often lead to I-CAR Collision Repair News articles, which further helps the industry. Continuing to assist the industry is very important to me.”


Bock’s journey into the collision repair industry serves as an inspiring example of the heights that can be reached with dedication and a desire to grow, and she feels it’s important for students entering the industry to understand the industry offers much more than many realize.


“Go in prepared to learn everything you can, and understand that there are many different career options available to you," she said. "This is a growing field, and we need more new techs coming into this profession, but we need qualified professionals entering other roles as well.”


Industry members interested in getting involved and supporting CREF’s efforts to assist secondary and post-secondary collision repair training programs should contact Brandon Eckenrode, managing director, at 312-231-0258 or Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org.


Monetary donations can be made online.


Source: CREF


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