Wednesday, 11 May 2022 12:57

2009 CREF Scholarship Winner Pays It Forward


...do more than simply get through the course---I thrived!”


With support from Goodson, Bock applied for and won a $5,000 scholarship from the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) and AkzoNobel to assist in funding her attempts to further her education in the field.


“The CREF scholarship aided me in purchasing the collision repair tools needed to go to school,” Bock said. “The monies removed a stressor at that time, and with being unemployed, that really meant a lot to have support from the industry.”


“Susan looks at every challenge as an opportunity, and her passion for learning does not go unnoticed,” Goodson said at the time. “It is my belief that she will be very successful in whatever facet of the collision industry she may choose.”


Although Bock initially intended to become an auto physical damage appraiser, she ultimately chose a different path. In January 2012, she began working as an instructional designer at I-CAR.


“Instead of ending up as a shop estimator or an insurance adjuster, I decided to research, develop and write training courses for the collision repair industry,” Bock said. “Upon getting hired at I-CAR, I set up an automatic paycheck donation to CREF because I feel it’s important to keep paying it forward.


“Vehicles get damaged and need to be repaired, and we need people to perform those repairs,” Bock continued. “That’s why it is everyone’s responsibility to support the schools that are cultivating the incoming workforce to help ensure that vehicles are repaired safely and properly.”


Acknowledging that becoming an instructional designer was “not a career path that had ever entered my mind---or that I was even aware of as an option,” Bock said it was a “great learning experience which laid the foundation for my next role at I-CAR.”


After four years in her first role, Bock moved to the Repairability Technical Support team as an...