Wednesday, 23 February 2022 09:43

Tesla Hit with $1.27M Subrogation Claim from State Farm in 2020 Indiana House Fire

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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Tesla has been hit with a $1.27 million subrogation claim filed by State Farm related to a house fire that heavily damaged a home in Carmel, IN, in 2020.

State Farm claims a “defect in design or manufacture” of the couple’s 2016 Tesla Model S started the fire, and is seeking the $1.27 million payout, along with any “other further relief as this court deems equitable and just.”


On Feb. 17, 2020, two years and one day before the case was filed by State Farm, a fire erupted at the home of Randall and Dorothy Sencaj. The suit said the Sencaj family drove the Model S that day to complete various errands, later returning home and attaching the vehicle to the charger installed in the garage.


State Farm said in the suit, “Investigation into the origin and cause of the fire by State Farm, and experts retained to investigate on its behalf, revealed the fire originated at the Tesla and was caused by a defective condition of the vehicle, which was present when the vehicle was placed into the stream of commerce by Defendant Tesla.”


The insurance firm then added, “Due to a defect in design or manufacture, upon information and belief, the Tesla vehicle’s electrical system failed, causing an electrical condition which ignited combustibles and resulted in the fire.”


State Farm was obligated to pay approximately $1,271,702.26 to the Sencajes “for fire-related damage to the Sencaj residence and its contents, additional living expenses incurred by the Sencaj family, and...

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