Tuesday, 04 January 2022 08:32

Tornado-Damaged C8 Corvettes Have Been Destroyed

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious
Tornado-Damaged C8 Corvettes Have Been Destroyed Kornel J. Werner/Facebook

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While the tornado which hit Bowling Green, KY, was a horrific event primarily because of the homes and livelihoods lost, we and many other enthusiasts mourned the loss of the rare and highly sought after C8 Corvettes damaged in the storm.

Some were hoping GM would sell those mid-engine sports cars at a reduced price, kind of like when you go to a dent and scratch furniture store, but that was not in the cards.


Instead, GM has crushed all the damaged C8 Corvettes rather than have the potentially defective cars end up in consumers’ hands. That might seem like an odd decision since people wreck Corvettes that end up in salvage yards and get fixed, sometimes not very well.


While that might seem like the same thing, the truth is those Corvettes wrecked by customers weren’t in the possession and control of GM, so the automaker couldn’t do anything about them. Once a car is delivered to a customer, it’s pretty much the new owner’s problem, barring anything covered by the warranty or found to be caused by faulty manufacturing practices.


Two photos taken by Kornel J. Werner and posted on Facebook show dozens of C8s, most if not all without doors, front clips and a few other parts, all lined up neatly like they’re in front of a firing squad. Those cars were damaged in the storm and have already been crushed, so there’s no convincing GM to stop, like how the electric car people tried to stop the automaker from destroying the EV1. Maybe Michael Moore can make a movie about this automotive industry coverup?


Sadly, this means at least this many customers who have been waiting for their new C8 Corvette are going to be waiting even longer.


We thank Motorious for reprint permission.