Friday, 29 October 2021 15:06

Toyota Upgrading First U.S. Vehicle Plant in Kentucky


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Oct. 29, Toyota announced a series of changes and projects that will boost its Toyota Kentucky (TMMK) plant’s transformation to meet shifting customer demand, reduce its carbon footprint and advance future capabilities.

A new investment of $461 million will support TMMK’s transformation plans, including three primary purposes:


Facility enhancements and operational upgrades: Advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies, coupled with facility layout improvements, will increase the plant’s operational speed, flexibility and competitiveness. These improvements will expand TMMK’s ability to produce new products, including future electrification.


Expansion of powertrain capabilities: TMMK’s powertrain operation will increase its product mix with a 2.4-liter turbo engine line. The new line will support an expanded range of vehicles produced in North America, further increasing the plant’s flexibility to quickly meet an evolving market.


Direct hire program: The plant is changing its employment structure to a direct hire process. Approximately 1,400 variable team members, currently employed through Kelly Services, will be offered a direct Toyota position, along with all new hires. TMMK is among other Toyota plants across the U.S. to implement the change to help improve recruiting efforts, retain top talent and provide a more inclusive work environment.


“As Toyota’s most experienced assembly plant in the U.S. with a workforce of about 9,000, TMMK must transform physically and strategically to meet the changing needs of customers,” said Susan Elkington, president of TMMK. “I am confident in our highly skilled team members who drive us forward every day as we prepare for the future of advanced manufacturing, whatever the products might be.”


TMMK will continue to build...

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