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Ford Donates $250K to Support Minority Students Entering STEM Careers in Southeast Michigan


...pursue a career in STEM fields.


Through their last two years in high school, the program will offer engineering “bridge” courses to properly prepare students for college. Students will be recruited to participate in the University of Michigan’s Introduction to Technology and Engineering program, where they will study math, engineering concepts, technical communication skills and academic study skills in regularly scheduled classes.


In addition to the core academic courses, MITE students will have the opportunity to interact with engineering role models through field trips, speakers and enrichment activities conducted by university faculty, staff and students.


Before their senior year, students will also participate in the Summer College Engineering Exposure Program, an 11-day residential program that introduces students to various engineering disciplines.


Students will also be paired with an engineering mentor---Ford employees, NACME alumni and University of Michigan engineering alumni---to meet with on a bi-monthly basis. NACME and Ford will work together to create meaningful interactions between mentors and students to demonstrate how engineering skills can be applied in professional settings.


Additionally, NACME will hold bi-monthly webinars centered around college preparation, including university applications, financial aid, study skills and SAT/ACT prep resources.


NACME support about 1,000 students each year, matriculating with renewing scholarships every four years. There are roughly 12,000 NACME alum across the U.S. 


Source: Ford


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