Tuesday, 25 May 2021 20:02

TecMD Provides Mobile Services to Michigan Auto Body Shops


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Tweddle Group is piloting a mobile diagnostics program in Southeastern Michigan.

The service, TecMD, offers on-site diagnostics, programming, pre-scan, post-scan and calibration services for automotive collision and repair centers in Oakland and Macomb counties.


Tweddle Group CEO Pat Aubry said TecMD answers an important need for Southeastern Michigan.


"On-site/on-demand service makes a lot of sense," said Aubry. "Especially with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), it's very dangerous for a collision center to neglect that part of a repair. Many shops have to send vehicles out for that kind of work. It's inconvenient and it's expensive."


Tweddle Group Director Mike Flaherty said TecMD primarily focuses on vehicle diagnostics for electrical systems, software programming for electronic control units (ECUs) and ECU calibrations for ADAS.


"The average vehicle has many ADAS systems relying on different sensors and components," Flaherty said. "Each is finely calibrated and sensitive to collision and post-collision repair. OEMs have even published position statements recommending post-collision inspection and calibration of ADAS systems irrespective of collision severity. If anything gets misaligned even slightly, you could have...

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