Thursday, 20 May 2021 17:45

Michigan High School Student is Only Girl in Male-Dominated Program but That's Not Her Focus

Written by Keely Lovern, 13 On Your Side News


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The auto body industry and working with cars has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated trade.

But for one Ottawa County, Michigan, teen, she's breaking barriers, not only as the lone girl in her tech center repair class, but also as one of the standout students in the program.


Eva Mokma is a senior at Zeeland High School, and this year, she's made a real impact in school and in her community. 


Mokma is the only girl in her auto body repair program at Careerline Tech Center. And in less than a year, she's also one of their most accomplished students.


"I just wanted to learn something new," Mokma said. "I really didn't know anything about it, I just wanted to try it and see where it went."


And it went far---fast---but Mokma said she was rarely intimidated.


"It was a little scary when I started," she said. "There were like 20 guys in our class and I didn't know any of them."


But Mokma was focused.


"You just put your head down and work. You're not there for too much more than working," she said.


And working hard is something her auto body repair teacher, Rob Corrigan, said Mokma does best, no matter what.


"I think there's a perception that this is a male trade," Corrigan said. "That cars are associated with guys."


"The great thing about Eva is that she's never been afraid to try new things," Corrigan added. "And she's always asking the right questions."


But for Mokma, she's never seen it as...

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